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Le Rubis is a special destination amongst the guesthouses on offer to visitors in Kariega (Uitenhage).
The name Le Rubis is inspired by the spiritual powers of the ruby – a lustrous, deep red stone that has accrued special and symbolic meaning through time.
The elegant construction and décor throughout the Guest House represents the same nobility, purity and passion of this gemstone, echoing the richness unique to an unequalled experience.
The rooms - which are inspired by the myth and wonder of the most vibrant gemstones, derive their names from the verse: “Who can find a virtuous women, for her value is far above rubies?”

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Situated in the Eastern Cape with its rolling hills, vast coastline, forests, areas of semi-arid desert, Drakensburg Mountains and diverse flora and fauna, Le Rubis is perfectly located to visit the surrounding areas.
Uitenhage officially renamed Kariega, is well known for the Volkswagen factory, which is the biggest car factory on the African continent.
There is no shortage of activities for visitors, whether you want to take it easy and recharge your batteries on the beach, or take the more active route on a scenic hike.
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